Monday, April 1, 2013


In Lisbon.
I am beat, you guys.
It was somewhat of a trek from the airport to my hotel, I had a little semi-fall with my things at the airport in Istanbul (bruised knee but fine), and because my bags are HEAVY AS HELL with all your souvenirs I already decided I am taking a taxi when I have to go back to the airport.
When I got here I literally collapsed on my bed; figured I'd take a little nap then get up and go to dinner.
Didn't happen.
I ordered room service.
Resting tonight before the next three days is probably a good idea, anyway.
This hotel is nice but there are little things about the hotel in Istanbul I am already missing; however, there is a top sheet!
The wi-fi here seems to be spotty at best thus far so I am not sure how much posting will get done.
Lisbon, you better impress because I am pretty sure I fell in love with Istanbul.

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